What our Residents Are Saying…Lucky Loot store

“Camelot is my home. I love it here. I do hope I don’t ever have to leave. I remember the first few weeks when I was really in need of assistance; aides hovered around seeing to my needs. I’m one of those, “I rather do it myself,” types. I was a bother but they were perfect. They challenged me. I got well. I’m active.

There are all kinds of activities; take your pick. Go out to dinner or a shopping spree; or stay home with a movie or crafts. Musicians come in and entertain us. Sing along, dance if you want to; we do our thing. TLC is there to see us through.

Camelot is our home- come make it your home.”


“I came about a year ago and I like it here. The people are very nice. My daughter commented on wanting to live in a place like this. The CNAs keep a close watch on things. . . I like everyone on the staff.”


“Camelot Chateau has top of the line staff in all departments. The food is delicious and the service fantastic. Laundry service is excellent. I get everything back that went out. I find it a very pleasant place to be. For the first time in my life the depression is gone and it makes me want to wake up and live again. I have a whole new outlook on life”


“I have no complaints. Everyone goes out of their way for me. My son and daughter-in-law came over for dinner a few days ago and commented on how great the meal was, and how the food was better than the brand new one in Ocala. My daughter-in-law said if she had to go to an assisted living facility she would like to live at the Chateau.”


“This is a really nice place to live. I can’t find anything wrong here. The people are nice, food is good and all the staff gives excellent service. I never had a problem here.

Housekeeping does a wonderful job and laundry is prompt. I have no complaints.”DR Entertainment


“We are busy every day. Shopping at Walmart, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, Publix, and Kmart. We go for ice cream at Brusters, Dairy Queen, etc. We also go to Dunkin Donuts. We go to the library but soon there will be a library here.

There are country rides and river cruises. I don’t remember how many rides but in the three years I’ve been here, we have gone to the river three times. The first was raining out, but we still could eat at Stumpknocker’s Restaurant. This last time we went, we took a picnic lunch – yummm!

We have a way to get to our banks. We go to the theater and Appleton Museum. We have a doctor that comes in weekly. Our CNAs and Housekeep staff are the greatest.”